Welcome to
The R.C. Church of the Ressurection
50 Granny Rd, Farmingville, NY 11738
Ph: (631) 696-0232
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Outreach Pastoral Ministry

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday
10AM to 2PM
Ph: (631) 696-0233

The Outreach Mantra

"Giving Christ to our brothers and sisters in need.”

The Outreach Pastoral Ministry provides pantry, clothing, financial and pastoral services for members of the parish as well as individuals that reside in the communities of Farmingville and Holtsville who are in need. There is no charge for the services that are provided. First time visitors are required to provide proof of residence in the covered communities. Financial assistance requires a full financial intake to be served and assisted. The Outreach Program is run and managed by a number of humble and energetic volunteers who work as Outreach Ministers. The program provides services Monday thru Friday throughout the year, and assists the needy with special initiates during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Back to School program. Registration is required to be assisted in the special initiate programs. The Outreach hours are Monday thru Friday 10 AM – 2 PM Outreach Telephone: 631-696-0233 Director: Deacon Vincent J. Barreca Jr., MBA, MAPS

Vision Statement

They will know that we are Christians by our love!
Each day as I enter our humble Outreach Office, in the basement of the church, I contemplate the brothers and sisters we are called to serve.
~ I see those who are broken.
~ I see those who are suffering because of illness, because of loss of work, or their inability to maintain a job.
~ I see those who need to be fed, to clothed, and to be loved.
~ I see fatherless children and confused adolescents who need an encouraging word or a guiding hand.
~ I see young mothers with little ones in tow and carrying an uncertain future in their wombs.
My heart breaks each day, as I contemplate their enormous needs. So let us together contemplate our important work in this mission!
~ We are called to mend the lives that are broken.
~ We are called to relieve those who suffer.
~ We are called to feed the hungry, to cloth the near naked, and to love all who place themselves in our midst.
~ We are called to fill the space of absent fathers.
~ We are called to be the rock for young mothers and their children, when no one else dares to care.
~ We are called to open the door of love when it has been closed shut.
For when we do these things in Christ’s name, they will know that we are Christian by our love, and lives will begin to mend, suffering will seem to subside, hungry mouths well be satisfied, the voids of space will be filled, and their lives will become a whole lot brighter.